Changelog for LSAT

- 06/13/2019
    - fixed code in lsatmain to not throw warning about /etc/*-release being a directory
    - fixed implicit decleration warning in checkservices module
    - module checknet modified for netstat to give tcp6 output
    - module checklogging modified, now uses last including reboots for more information
    - module checknet modified to fix arp test and output
    - module checkssh added new checks (allowusers/allowgroups/maxauthtries)
- 12/07/2018
    - fixed -m from crashing on gentoo 
- 05/25/2018
    - Added ss to checknet for iproute2
    - Added check for chage to checkpasstime
- 11/18/2015
	- added check to checkpasswd to check for duplicate UIDs
- 06/19/2014
	- Fixed warning about file closing in lsatmain
	- checkmd5 now checks for sha512sum and uses it if available (linux + mac)
	- added checkpkgupdate module which checks for availalbe software updates
    - added checkpasstime module to check for password expiration information 
	- checkdisk output format fixed
	- checklogging output format fixed
	- checkftpusers modified and output format fixed
	- checkrc was not calling main file correctly, also fixed output format
	- updated README.modules
	- README.excludes was missing a number of modules
	- Main README file updated
	- Updated lsat man pages
- 05/21/2014
	- Fixed checklogging module which was returning error on faillog
	- Added lastlog checks to checklogging module
	- Gentoo has moved ipconfig and checknet/checknetpromisc was failing, now checks for location
	- The ipv4 accept redirect check was incorrect in the checkipv4 module
	- The checkipv4 module now explicitly notes how to enable suggested settings
	- The module list in modules.html was inconsistent with the lsat package, fixed
	- checkhosts module was failing on hosts.deny, fixed	
	- checkhosts module was not being run on some systems, fixed
	- checkservices module was sending improper code for checking on debian, fixed
	- checkservices module had a typo preventing RedHat/CentOS/etc from working properly, fixed
	- checkservices now dynamically checks for current runlevel on RedHat/CentOS/Debian
-0.9.8- 04/26/2014
	- changed checkbpass to check for grub2
	- added ubuntu/LinuxMint and OS X to checkservices
	- changed gentoo in checkservices to use rc-update
	- added ubuntu/LinuxMint to checkrcperms and fixed typos
	- clarified some text in checkpasswd module
	- added an extra check for gentoo OS detection
    - some missing distributions put in the help output and man page
    - man page cleanups and additions
	- cleaned up some straggling MAC dot files from way back. Wow.
	- Added check for ubuntu and LinuxMint distributions
	- Made the headers of each section in the html output colored (linux xterm green) 
- 05/07/2008
	- on RH/Fedora checklimits going to stdout, not a file, fixed
-0.9.7  - 05/04/2008
	- Added another limits check for resource limits. 
	- Added another check in checkcfg (redhat specific).
	- Added check for strict mode (should be on) in checkssh.
 	- Fixed an output error in checkcfg.
-0.9.6  - 05/20/2007
        - removed dependancy on popt library
	- added extra passwd and group checks under linux
	- added check for failed logins under linux/solaris
	- modified the kernel module check under linux
	- added check for kernel modules under Solaris
	- added network interface stats and routing checks
	- problem in checknetforward giving false positives, fixed
	- verbose output was not very consistent, fixed.
-0.9.5  - 04/26/2007
	- added check for listing current arp table.
	- proper headers missing from a number of modules, fixed.
	- checkrc was not working under linux kernel 2.6 and gentoo, fixed.
	- fixed possible symlink attack in various check modules
	- changed readme and modules howto to reflect sylink fix noted above
	- fixed checkinit module returning false positive under gentoo
	- changed checknet to reflect network promisc change under 2.6 kernel
	- various typos and formatting fixed
-0.9.4  - 09/14/2006
        - lsat: added explicit CentOS, CaOS and Fedora Core check (unspawn)
        - umask: don't pick up /etc/fstab and /etc/bash_completion (unspawn)
        - md5: find should also exclude kernel-2.6 /sys (unspawn)
        - openfiles: "-n" (no resolving) should make it slightly faster (unspawn)
        - listening: checks for applications listening (unspawn)
-0.9.3  - 10/06/2005
        - Fixed error in checkwww under slackware (znc)
	- Fixed error in checkhostfiles under Solaris (znc)
 	- Fixed typos in checkinittab.c (Triode)
	- General code cleanup (Triode)
-0.9.2  - 10/25/2004
        - Fixed error in checkwww under redhat9.x/fedora
-0.9.1  - 03/12/2004
        - Changes checkx module to check the running processes, in case the user          put in options on the CLI.
        - Close files/filepointers left open in checkfiles, checkhostfiles (Nordi)
- 0.9.0 - 01/09/2004
        - Tested on Fedora Core 1, Suse 9 (AMD64)
        - Should run fine on slackware now, thanks to JTO. 
        - Changed checkbpass to not print out boot loader password, just warn.
        - Changed checkx to check fs under X11
- 0.8.9 - 12/20/2003
        - Added checkftp to check basic settings (proftpd, pure-ftpd), mostly gentoo).
        - checkmd5 also excluding proc, dev, var and tmp. (thanks unspwan)
        - checkx module should now be able to be excluded. (thanks unspawn)
        - Typo fixes all over the place. (thanks also to unspawn)
- 0.8.8 - 10/22/2003
        - Fixed typo in checkx, would not check for gdm.conf file.
          (thanks to Rozman)
- 0.8.7 - 10/20/2003
        - Fixed problem with checkpasswd, can now handle any length passwd file.
        - Added protcol check for ssh checks
        - Fixed makefile errors
        - Added checkx module to check for X tcp listening
        - Added check to checkwww for nobody running apache/httpd
        - Kludged checkmd5 module, skips dev and proc for now until we
          fix md5sum. See module for more details.
- 0.8.6 - 10/10/2003
        - Added checkbpass module to check for password in boot loader 
          (grub/lilo only)
        - Added checkipv4 package to check more defualt network "stuff".
        - fixed some typos/errors in the advanced help.
        - manpage updated.
        - README updated and dependencies listed.
- 0.8.5 - 10/03/2003
	- Changed command line argument list, and added option to 
	  exclude an arbitrary number of modules from being run.
	- README.exclude file gives more info on -x option
	- Cleanups in lsatmain, it was not closing some open files. :O
	- Advanced help now available via the -a option; standard help
	  is available via -h, -?, --help. --usage gives condensed 
	  usage options.
	- Code cleanups, should compile under cc and not just gcc now
	- checknetp was checking under all OSs, did not work with Solaris, etc
	  so checknetp is no longer run unless the OS is linux.
- 0.8.1 - 08/09/2003 
	- Fixed checkumask module, spitting out wrong entries on some systems.
	- Fixed checkset module on systems with/dev/(watchdog,MAKEDEV,ibcs,etc)
	- Fixed checkmodules on systems running module enable kernel+lcap.
	(Above fixes by unspawn)
	- Added checknetp module to check if network interface is in PROMISC.
	- modules.html and README.modules files updated
- 0.8.0 - 08/01/2003
	- Fixed problem in checkwww module, newline char out of place.
	- Added chkrootkit to LSAT. Run this with the -c option.
	  (see, or thank
	  Nelson Murilo: nelson (at) pangeia (dot) com (dot) br ) 
	- Raised release level to 0.8.0, should be closer to one. :)
- 0.7.3 - 07/30/2003
	- fixed problem in checkpasswd under solaris.
	- fixed problem in checkmd5 under solaris.
	- checkmd5 should now do diffs. 
- 0.7.2 - 06/27/2003
        - fixed a problem in checkpasswd module. 
	- Added checks for + entries in checkpasswd module.
	- Added checks for empty passwords in checkpasswd module.
- 0.7.1 - 06/18/2003
        - cleaned and fixed checkinetd module, problems with xinetd checking.
	- checkumask module cleaned up. A lot.
	- Fixed problem in checknet module under gentoo
        - Fixed problem in checkmd5 under all distros. Possible error with filenames that contain spaces
- 0.7.0 - 06/06/2003
	- Fixed up the md5sum module call from main. It was confusing and incorrect.
	- Added nmap run to checknet module. (Checks to see if nmap is installed
          and if so, runs it and outputs the scan.)
        - Cleaned up some spelling and whitespace in a few modules and lsatmain
	- Added checklogging module to check for auth and authpriv facilities.
	- Added checkinittab module. Cheks to see that default runlevel is not 5.
	- Added check for /etc/banners to checkissue module
	- Added extra check for xinetd.conf file in checkinetd module
- 0.6.9 - 05/29/2003
        - LSAT ported to Mac OSX. Many modules modified for this. (Triode)
	- checkumask had problems in RedHat 9.0, fixed (Ting Meng Yean)
        - checkwrite split into two outpus (suggested by Eric Gerbier)
- 0.6.8 - 05/14/2003
	- Added checkrcperms module to check files in init.d 
	- Added to securitylinks.txt file
- 0.6.7 - 03/20/2003
	- checkpasswd was reporting that the sys account needed
	  to be removed. This has been changed, and more accounts
          that are not needed have been added. 
- 0.6.6 - 03/18/2003
        - Added -w option, output file in html
	- Added a check for /etc/hosts.equiv to checkhostsfiles
	- Added a check for /etc/hosts.lpd to checkhostsfiles
- 0.6.5 - 02/14/2003
	- major logical errors in checkinetd fixed.
	- lsatmain was not detecting Solaris/SunOS, fixed.
	- forcing the distro to be gentoo was not working, fixed.
	- Solaris failing in checkpkgs, checkinetd, checkssh, checkwww,
          checkopenfiles, fixed.
        - checkwww not checking for httpd, just apache.
- 0.6.4 - 01/31/2003
        - Fixed bug in lsatmain (if statement for checkmd5)
        - Added check to checkissue to check /etc/motd
        - Added checksecuretty to check for ttys other than tty[1-6]
- 0.6.3 - 01/28/2003
        - Added checkmodules file which checks for loadable kernel 
          modules being enabled
        - A make cleanall will do the same as make clean + rm Makefile and 
          config cache, log, status, lsat.out/old, lsatmd5.out/old
        - Added checkmd5 module which will generate a list of md5 sums of
          all regular files on the system. This list will not be in lsat.out,
          but in lsatmd5.out instead.
        - checkmd5 runs only when -m switch is used.
        - Small output error in checkwww fixed.
- 0.6.2 - 01/23/2003
        - Added checkwww module to check apache conf files.
        - Checkwww also checks that root is not running apache.
        - Some errors in regards to -v switch fixed.
        - Fixed error in checkpkgs for debian.
        - Added more links to securitylinks.txt file.
        - Updated the man page.
        - Updated modules.html.
        - README.modules updated/in sync with modules.html.
        - Added an INSTALL file to the distribution.
- 0.6.1 - 01/21/2003
	- Added some items to checkrc.c
        - Added checkissue which checks /etc/issue(.net)
        - Added checkopenfiles which checks open files
        - Added -l switch to not check open files :)
        - Minor code cleanups, spelling fixes, etc.
- 0.6.0 - 10/23/2002
	- Fixed some multi-line string literals in checkssh.c
        - Modified some checks to work under gentoo linux
- 0.5.9 - 07/11/2002
        - Added -x option -- skip local SUID/GUID and world/group read/write.
          The above will speed things up if the user does not want to check
          the local files again.
        - Added checkcfg module (RedHat and derivative specific).
          checkcfg prints output of chkconfig --list and is the last module run
          in lsat. This gives the user a visual inspection of all services run
          in each runlevel.
- 0.5.8 - 06/29/2002
	- various buffer and index checks added (Nordi)
        - some basic sshd config checks added. (Triodeo, Nordi)
- 0.5.7 - 05/30/2002
        - checkinetd should really work now, verified on RedHat 7.x (Nordi & Triode, mostly Nordi)
        - checkftpusers fixed. It was saying ftpusers did not exist when it did. (Triode)
        - fixed more symlink attacks, in checkfiles (Nordi)
        - all tempfiles conform to lsat standard now (Nordi)
- 0.5.6 - 05/17/2002
        - fixed more output typos
	- fixed tempfile problem in checkset module (Triode)
	- checkinetd did not always find inetd.conf and xinetd.d
	- fixed possible false negatives in checkinetd
	- fixed logical error in check for sticky dirs
	- some small stuff
- 0.5.5 - 05/08/2002
        - Fixed error in checkpkgs, not reporting bad packages.
        - Fixed error in dostuff module, failure on some shellcode.
        - Added checkrpm module and README.checkrpm for checkrpm module. Checkrpm
          checks and reports rpm integrity on RedHat based systems.
        - Checkrpm is enabled by the -r switch, it doe not run if lsat is given with no args.
- 0.5.4 - 05/06/2002
        - Fixed some incorrect variable defs. (Nordi)
        - unused variables removed from modules. (Nordi)
        - checkrc module had problem with large amounts of services, fixed. (Nordi)
        - verbose output cleaned up, out of alignment. (Nordi)
        - lsat now prints module name it is running during execution.
	- -s option added for silent mode, lsat only reports starting and ending in this mode.
        - checkfiles module now checks for files with no owner and no group.
- 0.5.2 - 05/03/2002
        - checknetforward module was not in lsatmain. :O
        - fixed output in checknetforward, should be better.
        - added checklimits module to check limits.conf file.
- 0.5.1 - 05/02/2002
        - checkinetd was still segfaulting under linux kernel 2.4. FIXED. 
- 0.5.0 - 05/02/2002
        - Added large section in README.modules on writing modules with the new dostuff module.
        - Added modules that were missing in README.modules.
        - Added function in lsatmain to clean up mess if a module bombs out.
        - Output format has been changed slightly in appearance.
        - Modified all modules to use module dostuff for creating, writing, deleting tempfiles
          and for writing out to outfile. This should make module creation easier as one can
          concentrate on module content and not opening/writing/etc files.
        - checkinetd broken under redhat 7.x (or those that use xinetd.d) Should be FIXED.
        - Cleaned up verbose msgs.
- 0.4.5 - 04/26/2002
        - Added checknetforward module which checks for IPV4 forwarding on the system. 
        - Since all files written are now chmod 600, umask is no longer changed in any lsat program. 
          A note is given to the user to check their umask settings.
        - Fixed output typo in checkwrite (it checks suid/sgid files/directories).
        - Header typo in checkpkgs.
        - Added more packages to check in checkpkgs module.
        - checkpkgs module was not checking all pkgs. Fixed.
        - Added check that vmlinuz is chmod 644 in checkfiles.
	- Added check for ( to make sure it is chmod 644 in
	- Fixed error in checkumask module. Was not working properly on Mandrake.
- 0.4.4 - 04/19/2002
	- Fixed possible buffer overrun in lsatmain.c
	- Fixed possible buffer overrun/symlink attack in checkftpusers and 
	  checkrc modules. 
	- More typos fixed.
	- Thanks to Nordi for the tipoff on the buffer/symlink attacks I missed 	  while trying to fix them in 0.4.3.
- 0.4.3 - 04/19/2002 -
	- Added checkkbd function to check for ctrl-alt-del or STOP-A disable.
 	- Fixed file perms. LSAT was not making the output file chmod 0600.
	- Fixed module tempfiles. These were not being created chmod 0600 either.
	- The two above require include fcntl.h. I hope this does not break things.
        - Added more docs to lsatmain.c
- 0.4.2 - 04/18/2002 -
	- Again, more docs/cleanups in lsatmain.c
	- added securitylinks.txt file which has links to security related webpages.
	- Added checkrc module. Checks rc scripts in /etc/rc.d/init.d or 
	  /etc/rcn.d depending on which system it is on.
	- Added checkftpusers module. This checks to see that all users
	  in /etc/passwd are in /etc/ftpusers. 
	- Set umask before writing any files.
	- Set umask back to sensible value, regardless of previous value...
          (done so if user modifies files after running lsat the user will have a sensible umask)
	- lsat bails if it can not set umask.
	- Fixed error msg typos in lsatmain.c, checknet.c and checkfiles.c
- 0.4.0 - 04/15/2002 -
	- Unused vars in checkpkg removed.
	- Fixed bug in checkpasswd. (open file problem)
        - Now using mkstemp in lsatmain.c instead of just making a file.
          (this should be a little more secure in case of a tempfile exploit)
	- Many typos in checkdotfiles fixed.
	- Error msgs in all modules will (should) report module name on error.
	- Now using mkstemp in all modules. 
	- In lsatmain.c default value for distribution variable is now
	  redhat (1), since it errors out if not set at all. - Thanks: nordi
	- Fixed buffer overflow vulnerability in checknet. - Thanks: nordi
	- Fixed possible buffer overrun vulnerability in all modules.
	- Typo in checknet error msg, fixed.
	- more documentation added to lsatmain.c
- 0.3.3 - 04/12/2002 -
	- checkfiles now checks the following:
	  That utmp, wtmp, mtab, mtod are chmod 644
	  That /etc, /usr/etc, /bin, /usr/bin, /sbin, /usr/sbin, /tmp
          and /var/tmp are owned by root.
	- Various minor bugfixes
- 0.3.2 - 04/10/2002 -
	- Minor bugfixes in checkumask file
	- lsatmain.c now checks for redhat or debian distro
	- checkrpms is now checkpkgs and will check rpms if sys is
	  redhat or debs if sys is debian
	- Various small bugfixes
- 0.3.0 - 04/08/2002 -
	- Major bug fixes. After 0.2.0 release it was noted that
	  several check files were still not correct. These have
	  been fixed and tested (RedHat 6.2/sparc).
	- Added checkumask module to check default umasks on system.
	- Updated INSTALL file
	- Updated README.modules
	- Updated README
- 0.2.0 - 04/07/2002 -
	- Major bug fixed. Prior releases have modules which do
	  not fully check for what they are supposed to.
	- Added autoconf feature (thanks Fred Ollinger)
	- Added prelimenary manpage (thanks Fred Ollinger)
- 0.1.9 - 04/07/2002 - 
	- Fixed passwd check. Also includes check for uid=0 on other users.
- 0.1.8 - 04/06/2002 - 
	- Check /dev for non block/char files.
	- xinetd.d check broken on RedHat 7.2 FIXED
	- Added module for checking /etc/passwd. BROKEN.
- 0.1.7 - 04/05/2002 -
	- Added check for .rhosts/.netrc files to checkdotfiles module.
	- Added check for non block/char files in /dev to checkset module. 
	- xinetd.d checking is functional in checkinetd module.
	- verbose parameter added to all functions, -v now works.
	- release and kernel checking changed to be more generic.
- 0.1.6 - 04/03/2002 -
	- Added checkdotfiles module which checks for .exrc and .forward files.
	- Added checkwrite module which checks for world writable files/dirs.
	- Added INSTALL file.
- 0.1.5 - 04/03/2002 -
	- Did not change version number, but did the following:
	- tarball/zipfile now untars/zips into lsat- directory.
	- Added README file to the package.
	- Added this changelog to the package.
	- Added md5 checksums for the tar/zipfile. They are on the homepage.
- 0.1.5 - 04/02/2002 -
	- Fixed checkinetd.c, added checks for hosts.allow and deny files.
	- lsatmain.c now reports finishing.
	- Added checkset module to check setuid/setgid files.
	- Added more documentation throughout.
- 0.1.1 - 04/01/2002 -
	- Fixed typo in checkinetd.c (zinet.d -> xinetd.d).
	- Thanks: Eerik Kiskonen 
- 0.1   - 04/01/2002 -
	- Initial release